Reasons Why You Should Quit Sugar Immediately

#1: Quitting Sugar Can Make Healthy Foods Taste Better


Ever notice that the more junk food you eat, the more you crave it and the less likely you are to eat healthy? Well, sugar has a lot to do with that feeling.

Sugar – which is found in any sort of bread, candy and most carbohydrates – acts like a drug in triggering endorphins to be released in your body. Your brain loves endoprhins and learns that it wants to have that “high” feeling from sugar because it makes you feel good. As you consume more sugar, you end up developing a preferential taste for these types of foods and staying away from those that contain little to no sugar.

When you quit sugar and begin to eat healthier foods, the opposite happens. Your body stops craving the unhealthy sugar and develops a taste for healthy, fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and more.

#2: Reduce Inflammation, Reduce Pain & Help Prevent Disease


It’s been well-documented in numerous studies that inflammation in our bodies is a cause of chronic pain and diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Anything we can do diet or fitness wise to help curb inflammation is going to have positive effects on our health in both the short term and the long term.

Quitting sugar can contribute to everything from a reduction in neck pain caused by inflammation to helping reduce the long-term risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer.

#3: Sugar is Making You Fat


One of the biggest issues with a diet rich in sugar is that it will lead to overeating and ultimately, obesity. When your brain becomes wired to the “high” it gets from sugar, it starts to send signals to your body that you should consume more of it. This leads us to eat way more than we should. And to make things worse, the types of food that we end up overeating are unhealthy and contain loads of sugar.

#4: Sugar Is Destroying Your Liver


The fact that sugar destroys your liver is one of those more “hidden” risks in that it’s happening inside your body, but you likely won’t realize it until years of abuse have taken their toll.

High fructose, sugary foods such as soda, syrups, certain types of candy and more force your liver to work overtime to process them, all the while neglecting its other essential duties. Symptoms of an overworked liver include but are not limited to: fatigue, high blood pressure and kidney stones.

Over time, an increased consumption of sugar can also lead to fatty liver disease, insulin-resistance and potentially liver failure.

#5: Sugar Leads to Cardiovascular Disease


Sugar not only increases the amount of fat around your waste line, it also leads to an imbalance in your body’s hormonal and metabolic systems. It increases the amount of lipids in your blood stream and is a bigger contributor to high blood pressure than even salt! Combine all that with the fact that sugar leads to an increase in triglycerides and blood cholesterol and you can be certain that your heart is feeling the negative effects.

Quit sugar and your heart will thank you.