9 Ways Older Women Are Losing Weight in 2015

It’s no secret that as our bodies age, our metabolism slows down and it becomes harder and harder to loss weight. This is especially true for women as compared to men, who have a difficult time losing weight after the age of 40 and even more so after the age of 50. And, women that have had children may find it even more difficult to lose weight. However difficult it may be, it’s still very much possible for older women to lose weight! Here are some of the more popular, effective ways that older women are losing weight in 2015.

#1: Eat Your Biggest Meals Early in the Day

Woman Eating

You should eat like a Queen for breakfast, a Princess for lunch and a Pauper for dinner. And with good reason, too. For starters, your body’s metabolism is at its highest in the morning. And since in the morning, you have the whole day in front of you, there’s more time throughout the day to burn those extra calories. You need the energy that food provides throughout the morning and afternoon to accomplish your daily tasks, but come dinner time when you’re winding down, your body needs less fuel and therefore will burn less calories. Simply start off big in the morning and make your meals smaller as the day goes on.

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