30 Scary Tourist Spots from Around the World

#25: Portugal – Chapel of Bones


Stepping in to this small chapel in Portugal will send shivers down your spine! The walls of the chapel are made up of the bones of over 5,000 monks. If that isn’t creepy enough, there are also 2 decomposed bodies hanging from the ceiling – one of which is a child.

#24: England – Cambridge Military Hospital


This now abandoned military hospital in Cambridge, England was once a state of the art medical facility that treated Britain’s war-wounded from the Boer War of the early 1900’s all the way through to the First Gulf War of the 1990’s. High costs and medical issues arising from exposed asbestos in the walls led to the hospital’s closure in 1996.

#23: Japan – Suicide Forest


Aokigahara – commonly known as “Suicide Forest” – is a forest located near the base of Mt. Fiji in Japan. Since the 1950’s, it’s estimated that over 500 people have committed suicide within the forest. It’s become such a popular place to commit suicide that public officials have put up signs urging visitors to reconsider their decisions.

#22: Brazil – Snake Island


If you have a fear of snakes, Snake Island (“Ilha da Queimada Grande” in Spanish) is not a place where you want to visit. Located off the coast of Brazil, this island has 1 snake per square meter of land. To make matters worse, the snakes are all golden lancehead vipers, one of the most deadly, most venomous types of snake in the entire world.

The island is completely uninhabited now; the last people there were the lighthouse keeper and his family, all of whom were killed by the snakes.

#21: Parma, Italy – Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital


The thought of touring an abandoned psychiatric hospital is enough to give most people nightmares. Once home to some of Italy’s most troubled psychiatric patients, the Parma Psychiatric Hospital is now completely abandoned. An artist has since gone in and painted eerie shadows on the walls to symobilize the tortured souls that are said to still roam the hospital hallways.