The 15 Best Cities in America for Single Men

#12 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Although the first things that may come to your mind when thinking of this Midwestern city are beer and baseball, you may be surprised to find out that Milwaukee is also a hotspot for dating. With 116 available women for every 100 available men, the odds in Milwaukee are terrific for finding love. Also, there are a plethora of nightlife establishments such as bars, clubs, and restaurants for both taking dates and finding them. Milwaukee consistently ranks very high amongst cities for single men, so don’t rule out Brewer Town when looking for a place to settle down.

#11 Omaha, Nebraska


It may not be the largest metropolitan area in America, but Omaha sure is a great place for single men. Dates won’t hurt your wallet in this charming Midwestern city, with the average night out for two coming in at less than $50. Plus, there are 112 single women for every 100 men. This makes the odds for finding that special someone very good in Omaha, so make sure to keep this city on your list if you’re a single man.

#10 Cleveland, Ohio


With its rapidly developing downtown district, Cleveland is a city on the rise. The arts and entertainment scene is thriving in this Ohio hotspot, and so is the dating action. With 116 single women for every 100 single men, you can be assured the odds are in your favor for meeting someone. Plus, a date is relatively cheap here at an average of $60 average for a night out. If it’s nightlife, affordability, and a large dating pool you are looking for, then look no further than Cleveland.