10 Easy Exercises to Fix Poor Posture

1. Planks


This exercise helps to strengthen many of your abdominal muscles along with your shoulders and back. Although it’s a seemingly simple exercise, it still helps burn several calories in addition to helping improve your posture. The way to do this exercise is simple: lay on the floor face down with your palms on the side of your shoulders with your feet and legs together. Then gradually lift yourself up while balancing your hands and toes.

2. Shoulder Rolls


This exercise is one that everyone can do; no matter what setting you are in, you can accomplish a simple shoulder roll. This exercise is perfect for those individuals who have a desk job. The shoulder roll is a simple stretch that does not require much and is beneficia because it helps to relieve built up tension, stretch your muscles and encourage good posture.

Simply stand up and roll your shoulders from front to back in a circular motion. Switch to rotating your shoulders from back to front to complete this exercise. 20-30 rolls in each direction once daily would be perfect.

3. Kneeling Stretch


Did you know that tight muscles can cause poor posture? Do the kneeling stretch exercise every day and it will help with your sitting as well as your standing. It’s a simple exercise where you start by lunging one leg forward while the other leg is on the ground. Next, put your hands on the knee that is lunging. You then want to push the hips forward which will help you feel the stretch in your iliopsoas muscle.

The more flexible you become the easier it will be for the iliopsoas muscle to work and the easier it is to keep your spine straight.

4. Pilates Swimming


You don’t have to be a swimmer to do Pilates swimming. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the water! Anyone can do this exercise as it will most certainly help with your posture.

You want to start face down on a mat (or on the carpet if you’re lacking a mat) with your arms straight over your head. Next, lift your left arm and your right leg. Make sure to keep the elbow and knee straight. By doing so you are making sure that you are in the correct format for this exercise. Next, slowly lower your limbs back down.

This exercise helps to prevent you from having rounded shoulders, a common problem seen in people with poor posture.

5. Stability Ball Y-Lift


This is such a great exercise that targets muscles such as the trapezius, the lateral deltoids and much more. All you need to do is have a stability/exercise ball. Start by laying on the ball while having your legs extended behind you. Make sure your hips, heels and head are all going in the same direction. Next, extend your arms toward the floor alongside the ball. Keep your thumbs up while doing this exercise.

Continue to do this exercise as you hold your breath and then lower your hands back into the position you began with.

6. Pelvic Tilt


This exercise can be done at any time of the day and in any location – so no excuses! The pelvic tilt helps your pelvis to support your spine. Start by making sure you are in a relaxed state with your hips and behind. Then put your thumbs on lower your ribs and fingers on hip bones. Make sure your butt is tucked in and your hip bones line up under your lower ribs.

Repeat this exercise at least 3 times and up to 10 times, holding the position for 5 seconds.

7. Walking


Many people don’t realize that they exercise every day as they walk. Walking can help remind you to be in good standing posture as the simple action of walking comfortably requires good posture. Make sure to keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out and your eyes forward. It’s super simple and is an exercise that can be done anytime you walk.

8. Side Plank


This exercise is perfect for your whole body, but most notably, it’s known for strengthening your core. All you need to do is start by laying on your side and have your feet on top of one another. Make sure your elbow is under your shoulder. Then push yourself up onto your forearm, making sure your body is in a straight line.

Repeat this three times on both sides. You can hold this this position for 20-40 seconds on each side (though it may be less time when you’re just starting out).

9. Bridge


This exercise helps your whole body because it is an all-around muscle strengthening exercise. You are working lots of muscles, most notably your lower back and abs. This exercise will also help stabilize your spine and get rid of back pain. Find a comfortable spot because you will lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground. Have your hips up toward the ceiling, creating a straight line from your knees to your chest.

Be sure to keep your knees parallel to each other. Next, keep yourself up and then lower yourself back to the ground. Do at least 20 to start if possible. If you can’t accomplish 20 reps, aim for 10 and work your way up from there.

10. Hip Lifts


This is another exercise that will help improve posture. Start with your arms by your side and your palms faced down. Align your hips at a 90 degree angle. Slowly lift your hips off the floor as your legs go toward the ceiling. Then start back up again from the first position.