The 8 “Superhuman” Benefits of Juicing

In case you missed it, juicing – the process of extracting the juice from fruit and/or vegetables – has become an insanely popular and healthy food trend as of late. You can juice pretty much any fruit or vegetable – tomatoes, apples, cherries, blueberries, kale – you name it! After you’re done juicing a batch of fresh fruits and veggies, pour the juice into a glass with ice and you’ll soon experience the mind-blowing benefits of juicing. Get started below to see the top 8 “superhuman” benefits of juicing:

#1: Packing a Massive Amount of Nutrients into a Single Serving

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When you juice, you extract all the “good stuff” from fruits and vegetables and get rid of the excess waste and calories. The juicing process sucks out all of their nutrients and combines them into a single glass (or a pitcher, if you’re saving some for later). The juices from fruits and vegetables are so powerful that they contain approximately 95% of all vitamins and enzymes that our bodies require on a daily basis.

#2: You Will Experience Dramatic Weight Loss


It’s no secret that juicing can lead to dramatic weight loss, especially if you’re considered obese. With juice, you only get the “good stuff” and none of the excess. You’ll still be giving your body everything it needs (and then some) to function at a high level, but what you won’t be doing is giving your body extra calories to process. Less calories + all the nutrients your body needs = weight loss. Some people choose to do a short juice cleanse for 3 days or so before an event such as a wedding, a job interview or a vacation at the beach in order to quickly shed some unwanted pounds.

#3: Increased Mental Alertness and Happiness

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Juicing is proven to dramatically increase blood circulation, which means oxygen is more readily available throughout your body whenever and wherever it needs it. Efficient circulation and oxygen flow leads to a sharper, more alert mind. You’re giving your body exactly what it wants and needs on a daily basis, and therefore you’ll be much happier as a result; when all your bodily systems are functioning at high levels, you’ll certainly notice the difference.

#4: Lightning Fast Nutrient Absorption


With all the nutrients from juice delivered in liquid form, your body is able to produce them much faster than if you were to eat fruits and vegetables individually. Liquid nutrients are the fastest delivery systems to get nutrients from food into your body, so you’ll start to notice the positive effects on your mood and physical well-being very quickly. And, since digesting liquids takes less energy from your digestive system compared to solids, you’ll have more energy in reserve.

#5: Prevents a Number of Diseases

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Thanks to the loads of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients from juicing being delivered in the most efficient way possible, your body will have all the ammo it needs to ward off a number of debilitating diseases including cardiovascular (heart) disease, cancer, certain types of inflammatory diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis) and more. Juicing also raises the pH levels in our bodies, reducing acidity and helping to prevent kidney disease, diabetes and osteoporosis – all diseases that have shown to be a result of high acidity.

#6: Boosts Your Immune System to the Moon and Back


Juicing has an extremely powerful effect on your immune system. By getting your daily recommended dose of all those hearty, healthy fruits and vegetables in a single serving of juice, you’re giving your body loads of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients it needs to keep your immune system strong. With a strong immune system, you’ll be much less susceptible to everyday ailments like the cold and flu, and you’ll also prevent more debilitating diseases from occurring in the first place.

#7: You Will Have Boatloads of Energy


Be prepared: when you try your first glass of juice, you’ll have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it! We’re not talking anxious, heart palpitation-type of energy, but rather a feeling of well-being energy that will help you get more done in less time; seriously, it’s that powerful. All those nutrients getting quickly absorbed into your body will have an impact very shortly after they’re consumed. And, if you continue juicing on a daily basis, your energy will continue along with it.

#8: You Will Detox Your Entire Body


With the juices from fruits and vegetables being so alkaline in nature, they are able to draw out and remove the acidity in your body. Acids are generally associated with toxins, so remove the acids, remove the toxins! The organs in your body that eliminate waste – including the lungs, kidneys, skin and more – will start to detox and get rid of the waste. The longer you juice, the more clean and healthy your insides will be.