How to Lose 1 Pound a Week

There are many types of diets that promise to shed a large amount of weight in a short amount of time, but we’ve all been there before. They may go off quickly, but they sure do come back quickly, too!

Instead of looking for a quick fix, you should try and lose weight the old fashioned way – slow and steady. And for the average woman, to lose 1 pound per week means cutting out approximately 3,000 calories, or approximately 438 calories per day. Read on to learn 8 simple ways you can make it happen:

#1: Choose Almond Milk Instead of Cow’s (Regular) Milk


Almond milk is a bit thinner in consistency than 2% milk, but I personally don’t even recognize the difference. Especially when using it in a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal. Choosing almond milk over regular milk will cut out a lot of calories – almond milk has 30 calories per serving, skim cow’s milk has 80; 1% cow’s milk has 110 calories and whole milk has 150 calories per serving.

Let’s say you use almond milk in your morning cereal every day for a week instead of 1% milk, you’d be cutting cutting out 560 calories per week.

#2: Invest in an Oil Mister


When cooking something in a pan, whether it’s eggs, pancakes, meat, or fish, we tend to overdo it on the oil. Most people put in approximately 300 calories worth of oil into a pan, when in reality you need far less for an equally enjoyable meal. When you use an oil mister, you’ll be able to efficiently coat the pan with the oil of your choice, and drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary calories you would otherwise be adding to your meal.

#3: Choose Mustard Instead of Mayo


The next time you’re putting together a sandwich or looking for your go-to condiment, think about this: mustard has 1/10th the calories of mayo per serving. This simple substitution can have a big impact in your diet over time, allowing you to immediately cut calories on a regular basis. Let’s say you enjoy condiments just 2 days a week and say you opted for mustard instead of mayo: you would be cutting out over 1,200 calories per week!

#4: Opt for Thin Crust Pizza


When you set out to satisfy your aching craving for a slice (or two) of pizza, opt for the thin crust style. The bread in pizza is loaded with calories, so going with thin crust will drastically reduce the amount of calories you consume. If you have pizza 1 day per week, choosing a thin crust style slice would save you about 200-300 calories.

#5: Use Lemon for Salad Dressing


Salad dressing adds a massive amount of unhealthy calories to an otherwise healthy meal. Most dressing have around 70 calories per tablespoon – and most of us use more than 1 tablespoon of dressing on our salads. Squeezing an entire lemon on your salad will not only add a refreshing tinge of flavor, it will only cost you 17 calories. The more you substitute lemon over your every day salad dressing, the more calories you will cut.

#6: Make Your Own Flavored Water


Because sometimes plain old water just doesn’t cut it, you should opt for making your own naturally-flavored water instead of picking up a sugary, calorie-packed fruit juice at the store. Spritzing a wedge of lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange or other type of fruit will give you more flavor than plain water, and also save you from the extra 100 calories you would be consuming in a traditional store-bought fruit juice.

#7: Skip The Cheese


Now I never said this would be easy! Cheese is amazing, and anyone who isn’t lactose-intolerant usually loves it. But it also packs a ton of calories. Skip the cheese on your next burger or sandwich and you’ll be on your way to losing 1 pound per week. A typical slice of cheese has 80-100 calories, and in many cases you’re dealing with more than 1 slice per sandwich.