8 Amazing Alternatives to Cable TV Subscriptions

Cable TV bills are becoming increasingly expensive. If you’re signed up with one of the top cable providers like Dish Network, Comcast/Xfinity, DirecTV, Verizon, AT&T or others, chances are you’re paying way more money per month than you should be. Personally, I was paying around $200/month before taking the time to research some other options to save money, without really sacrificing quality TV. Read on to see 8 alternatives to traditional cable subscriptions – you can use these as standalone services or combine with each other depending on what you want.

#1: Sling TV

I’ll start with one of my favorites on the list: Sling TV. Sling is relatively new to the game and has a lot to offer all for a very low price. Starting at just $20/month, Sling TV will give you access to live TV (just like you get with cable/satellite) from premium channels like ESPN, CNN, TNT, TBS, the History Channel, Bravo, AMC, the Food Network and more. Chances are you’re paying way more than $20/month for these types of premium channels so Sling is a excellent alternative.

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