7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Being successful requires a lot more than just luck. Success for many people is a mindset and attitude. And while not everyone is successful, it is true that anyone can find success in different areas of their life. Success is not something most people are born with; they have to work to make their dreams come true. Below are seven habits of highly successful people that you can adapt to your own life to find the success you want.

Successful Smiling Man
Image Credit: LifeHack.org

#1: Thinking Ahead

Another common habit of successful people is always thinking ahead. While there may not always be concrete specifics, natural leaders know where they want to go in regards to their ultimate goals. They also don’t stop thinking about the future after a goal is achieved. They keep creating new goals and thinking of new ways to continue and expand their success. If Dave Thomas was satisfied with his first Wendy’s restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, he wouldn’t have gone on to create a franchise of thousands of locations worldwide.

#2: Being a Life Long Learner

Truly successful people are not ever satisfied with their knowledge as it exists. They are inherently curious and always want to learn more. This is especially the case for the most successful business people. Most industries are characterized by fierce competition. Gaining and keeping a competitive advantage requires learning new things in regards to new ways of doing business, your customers, the competition and new technology. If you close yourself off to learning new things, you will lose that competitive edge.

#3: Being a Self-Starter

If there is one thing that unites highly successful people, it’s that they are not afraid to take action on their own. Whether it is the founders of companies that went on to become multinational corporations, rock stars or politicians, they didn’t wait around for someone else to tell them to start working towards their goals. Even if their dreams started small, they took action when they saw the opportunity. Things like the technology everyone uses today wouldn’t exist if Steve Jobs hadn’t decided to start building computers in his garage.

#4: Being Enthusiastic

Another trait of highly successful people is having an almost endless amount of enthusiasm. Pessimists rarely go on to find a lot of success in places like business. Instead, to find success and do so quickly, a person needs to have passion for what they do. This enthusiasm will be reflected in a strong work ethic that can breed results. It can also produce a high quality end product whether that is something physical or a goal such as becoming a leader in your community.

#5: Being a Problem Solver

Successful people are problems solvers. They don’t necessarily see obstacles as negative things. They see them as challenges to be overcome. If the common wisdom doesn’t provide a solution, they think of new ways to solve the problem. This is what drives innovation. When the Wright Brothers’ first flying contraptions failed, they didn’t give up. They kept rethinking their plans and altering their designs until they found a solution that gave mankind the ability to fly.

#6: Being a Team Builder

Highly successful people don’t only play on teams, they build them. This is what differentiates success from arrogance. Successful individuals know they can’t do everything their selves. They know they need to ask for help from others who may have skills or competencies that they don’t. Arrogant people, on the other hand, assume they can do everything on their own. They often fail as a result. To find success in any sector of society, you need to have other people that can play supporting roles in helping you reach your goals.

#7: Being Personable

While there may be a few exceptions, moody French chefs at high end restaurants come to mind, most people need to be personable to find success. This means being a people person. To be successful in business, politics, academia or anywhere else, a person needs to be able to easily communicate with others and produce candor with them. A lot of the biggest success stories were the result of deals hashed out in social settings at restaurants and bars.