30 Scary Tourist Spots from Around the World

#20: Germany РBeelitz-Heilstätten Red Army Military Hospital


This old military hospital in Germany is part of a massive medical complex that contains 60 buildings. Although a few of the buildings are still in use today, the facility as a whole is largely abandoned. It dates all the way back to World War I, where German soldiers were treated during and after the war. Adolf Hitler himself was actually a patient here.

#19: Czech Republic – Sedlec Ossuary


The Sedlec Ossuary – also known as the “Church of Bones” is another one of those creepy churches made partially from human bones. It is said that the remains of over 40,000 people decorate the church walls. They weren’t part of any sort of human sacrifice, rather they were people that wanted to be buried in a holy place. I wonder if this was what they had in mind?

#18: Paris, France – The Catacombs


The catacombs of Paris are perhaps the most famous catacombs in all of the world. Tucked beneath the city of Paris, the catacombs are made up of a 200 mile network of passages that house the remains of over 6 million bodies. Visitors to the city of Paris can pay to tour the Catacombs; if you’re into history and don’t get scared by this sort of thing, we highly recommend booking a tour!

#17: Centralia, Pennsylvania


The entire town of Centralia has been abandoned since 1962. Once a prosperous coal mining town, all inhabitants had to leave due to the fact that the town sits directly on top of a coal vein that caught fire and has been burning for over 50 years. Although the town has essentially been cleared off the map and has no zip code, there are said to be 10 residents who refused to live and still live there today.

#16: West Virginia State Penitentiary


This gothic style prison in West Virginia is now officially closed down, but still offers nighttime ghost tours to brave visitors. The facility opened its doors in 1876 and served as a prison for almost 120 years until its closure in 1995. It’s home to the now infamous “Old Sparky” electric chair which was responsible for around 100 executions over the years.

#15: Czech Republic – St. George’s Church


This old church in the Czech Republic was abandoned in 1968 after part of the roof caved in during a funeral service. An artist by the name of Jakub Hadrava crafted ghost sculptures throughout the church, which makes for a pretty eerie scene. The church now serves as a tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world.