30 Scary Tourist Spots from Around the World

#30: Prague – Old Jewish Cemetery


There’s nothing that isn’t creepy about old cemeteries, but this one is especially eerie. The old Jewish Cemetery in Prague dates back to 1478. It’s gotten so full over the years that there have been 12 different layers of graves added on top of each other. If you visit, you’ll only see 12,000 visible headstones, but there are actually over 100,000 buried there.

#29: Pripyat, Ukraine – Abandoned City


The city of Pripyat in Ukraine once had around 50,000 inhabitants. Then, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster struck on April 26, 1986 and the town has been completely abandoned ever since. Some brave photographers have captured the eerie aftermath of the incident, when people left almost immediately without moving anything or taking anything with them.

#28: Japan – Hashima Island


Hashima Island is a small island that had a coal mining facility on it. The mining companies built a whole city to house the workers, but unfortunately for them, the coal ran out pretty quickly. The island has been completely abandoned since 1974, but still has the full features of a working city built for thousands of coal miners and their families.

#27: Sagada, Philippines – Hanging Coffins


It’s a tradition of the Igorot tribe of Sagada in the Phillipines to bury their dead in hanging coffins on the sides of cliffs. Their belief is that burying the dead in this way will not only keep their bodies safe, but it will also bring them closer to the spirits of their dead ancestors.

#26: Mexico – Island of the Dolls


A man by the name of Don Julian Santana was the local caretaker of the Island of the Dolls in Mexico. Legend has it that he found the body of a young girl drowned in the nearby waters and hung a doll to show respect for her spirit. Over the course of 50 years, he continued to hang dolls all over the island until he drowned in the very same waters. Now, tourists visit the site and continue to add dolls to his collection.

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