10 Desk Stretches That May Save Your Life

#2: The Knee Jerk Stretch

The knee-jerk stretch is another you can do from your office desk or chair at home. It helps to stretch our your quad muscles, which can easily get tight after just a few hours of sitting, let alone over the course of days, weeks and months of constant sitting.

Source: http://officevibe.com

Source: http://officevibe.com

To complete this stretch, get into a comfortable position in your chair. Lift your leg up onto the chair, bringing your knee toward your chest and ending up with your foot flat on the seat of the chair. Next, pull your leg as close to your chest as possible until you feel your muscles tightening. Hold the position for at least 15 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

Note: Keeping your muscles actives helps to pump fresh blood and oxygen through the brain. This triggers the release of all several different brain and mood enhancing chemicals; when we’re sedentary for too long, these functions are greatly slowed.